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We’re Amy and Vicki from the website Women Who Money! We’re excited to be hanging out here on Michael Dinich’s blog today for the Best of the Web!


Women Who Money is a website that answers all kinds of money questions. We aim to empower women with the knowledge, skills, and resources necessary to improve their financial health and build financially secure and independent lives.


We understand the nuances of being female in today’s financial world. We have a team of writers who have eliminated mountains of debt, saved thousands of dollars, and invested responsibly for a financially secure future. And we’re on a mission to guide other females to success on their own financial journeys.


Do we have a problem with men? Absolutely not! Most of the money questions we answer apply to guys too – so stop on by!


And this isn’t our first personal finance website either. Amy started her website, Life Zemplified in early 2017 and Vicki’s site – Make Smarter Decisions was where her blogging career started in 2016.

Here are 3 Posts We’re Pumped
to Share This Week:

The Best Financial Advice: One Size Fits One


As you read more and more personal finance websites or books, you end up seeing contradictory information. Who should you believe? The sacred cows professed by money gurus aren’t always that sacred. There are only a few universal money truths that people agree upon.


Check out Ty’s post over at Camp FIRE Finance! It reveals ten discrepancies in the advice you get about money. What should you take from it? Whatever benefits you in your personal situation. Take a little bit from each piece of advice and you’ll have a one size fits one (you) answer!

Three Cheap Ways to Be Happier


If you don’t follow the Groovy’s you’re missing out big time! Mr.G tells it like it is, and if she isn’t happy, Mrs. G fires right back at him. Together, they’re on a mission to show people how to stop being stupid with money and how to get started on a road to financial freedom. They started late (in their 40’s) and still retired early because they eventually got their financial acts together and made some huge changes.


In this post, Mr. G points out what longevity calculators show as the number of days he likely has left and he talks about how he’s pursuing happiness. His plan? Advancing happiness by subtraction, screwing productivity, and getting off his a$$!


The Cost of Physical and Mental Inactivity:
What is Stopping You?


After reading that title, you might want to move right onto the next paragraph because you know it might be about you. Bethany over at HisandHerFI writes about how the culture of the current technological age breeds inactivity. And she ties that to how it impacts not only our health but our wealth. We’re not going to give any more away – but we know what camp we try to be in!


 And if you’re on a site like Your Money Geek, there’s a good chance you want to make money and set yourself up for your future! Here’s a Women Who Money post we think you might like!


Is Real Estate Investing a
Good Way to Build Wealth?

A Geeky Fact?


We like blogging so much that we didn’t just start one site together, we started two! Our other site is a space for women’s money conversations – Women’s Money Talk! And, we own two craft beer URL’s as well. Life isn’t just about money you know 😉


Thanks for letting us hang out with all of you Money Geeks and a special shout-out to Michael Dinich for bringing in some guest curators for the Best of the Web!


Thanks to Women who Money for sharing the Best of the Web Round-Up this week! 


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