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I’m Amy from the website Life Zemplified (plus Women Who Money and Women’s Money Talk). On Life Zemplified I focus on finding the right balance in life – wellness if you will – in the 4 F’s of life, finance, fitness, food, and fun. I strive to help others take better care of themselves physically and financially.

I’m happy to be here today and want to thank Michael for allowing me to share his space for my selection of articles for you to check out. I hope you’ll enjoy!

A Tale of Two Races


It’s so easy to get wrapped up in our own thoughts and feelings that we fail to consider what might be going on with others during certain events and experiences. Since life tends to get extra stressful during the holiday season, I think this post is an important and timely reminder for all of us that “while we can’t control what happens to us, we can control how we react.”


This Powerful Japanese Technique Makes You Better Every Day


Since you’re a reader of this blog I’m guessing you’re often looking for ways to get better and this post delivers. Whether you’ve heard the term Kaizen before or not – this post will help you’ll understand how it can help you make continuous improvement in five key areas of your life – thinking, finances, relationships, decisions, and work.

This Powerful Japanese Technique Makes You Better Every Day

From cars to zippers, the amazing Japanese are known for making things better. But did you know that they actually developed a method to improve virtually anything gradually, over time? Indeed, the Japanese technique of kaizen teaches the virtues of making small, continuous improvements in basically anything, which eventually add up to big, permanent changes.




These five lessons are something everyone should know as early in their career as possible. Whether you’re in your first job or your third there’s likely something you can take away from this post. If you’re beyond that, you’ll likely identify with them and think of someone to share them with.


What Helps You Achieve Financial Independence Besides Money


Money is essential but it’s not the only thing you need to reach financial freedom. This article shares specific behaviors, activities, and choices, millionaires describe as incredibly important in the quest for wealth accumulation and achievement of financial independence.



A Geeky Fact?


With three blogs centered on personal finance, I’m definitely a money geek. If I’m not working on spreadsheets or websites, I’m likely reading, researching, writing, or editing personal finance articles.


Thanks for letting me drop in Your Money Geek Readers, and thank you, Michael, for the Best of the Web series and letting me host it this week!


Thank You, Amy for hosting today’s Best of the Web.


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