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Michael—thanks so much for having me host a post for this series!


I’m Laura- freelance writer, virtual assistant and blogger behind Every Day by the Lake. I write mainly about personal finance, careers and starting a business. I ditched my cubicle in February of this year to work for myself. It’s been interesting, but I wouldn’t change a moment of the last 10 months!


When I don’t have my business hat on, I’m exploring local parks and gardens, reading, trying to complete my doctoral dissertation and cooking up my next life move.


Best of the Web – According to Me


#1: Sunday Brunch Café: Stress Leave: Money Woes Shouldn’t Add to it

This is a raw look into the life of another, but in some ways, it’s like looking in a mirror. Reading this piece hit home for me because I’ve experienced the level of stress described here—but I couldn’t really do anything about it because I was financially insecure. I’m happy to report that I have financial options now, and would hope that this article inspires others to work on their own safety nets and self care plans.


#2: Live Daily Mo: The End of a 845 Day Mini-Retirement

Mo accomplished what many, myself included, consider remarkable. He took a 2+ year mini-retirementsmack dab in the middle of his career. This post shares what he learned from the experience across several facets of his life. My biggest takeaway: this scenario is not as far out of reach as one may imagine. While circumstances are certainly a factor, with some creativity and a willingness to live simply, a mini-retirement just may be in reach!


#3: Ms. Fiology: Do Hard Things

Deanna wrote an inspiring post about building character and doing what needs to be done. We’re each responsible for taking care of business, but as she wisely points out, we’re not in this alone. With the help of our inner circle and higher power, we can become who we’re meant to be. (I love the idea of becoming myself. I think it’s an endless evolution.) But be prepared: our journey will involve eating lots of frogs. Say what? Read the post!



Something by Me

Life Sans Cubicle: 6 Month Update

While there have been many changes (mostly positive) since I wrote this piece, there is still a lot of truth to it. The emotions are the same, as are many of the goals. If you’re looking for some thoughts on what transitioning from corporate to freelance life looks like (and the feels that go along with it), please give it a read.


Geeky Fact


I’ll swear up and down that I’m not a gamer. My fiancé loves to tease me about it because you’ll find me playing Gardenscapes (phone app) nearly every day. And, when I tried the new Mario Kart on the Nintendo Switch at Gamestop, I lit up like a Christmas tree. I guess I am a gamer!


Thank you, Laura, for sharing your top picks and a bit about yourself. 


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