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Hey there, Money Geeks! I’m Sean from


As a good host, I suppose now’s the part where I’m supposed to stand up on stage and give a hilarious monologue.




Now we’re in the spirit of things?


Unfortunately, I’m no Johnny Carson. BUT, I do have one claim to fame he might not. I saved $100,000 by age 25, and then I started writing about it.


Two years later, at age 27, I hit $200,000 in savings, and now I’m racing towards early retirement in my 30s.


Sound cool? You can follow along with the journey at, where we’re building an awesome community of millennials interested in reaching financial freedom.

3 Posts I’m Digging This Week


Five Morning Money Habits to Help You Become Wealthy
by ESI Money of


Fittingly, I stumbled upon this post after hitting snooze on my alarm clock about 6 times.


I’ve never been a morning person, but lately, I’ve been working hard to be more productive first thing in the day. This guest post from ESI Money at is loaded with research-backed tips for doing just that.


Cut The Crap – There are not a MILLION ways to pay down debt
by Mr. AE of


Mr. AE recently paid off $85,000 of student loan debt, and this post dishes out some cold hard truth about how to do it.


He’s right too; building wealth is next to impossible with debt. The section showing how much your debt could be costing you was downright shocking. If you’re looking for that little extra motivation to accelerate your debt paydown, this is the post you’re looking for.


How I Built a Seven-Figure Portfolio and Retired at 31 
by FIRECracker of


This one’s a classic. FIRECracker from Millennial-Revolution decided to invest her downpayment money instead of buying a house during Canada’s real estate bubble, and the result? She retired earlier than anyone said was possible. In this post, she shares a passionate overview of her story.



My Money Wizard Post You Might Dig


18 Income Producing Assets to Generate Serious Passive Income


I’m throwing a shout out to this mega-post of mine. I’ve looked, and it just might be the most detailed list of income-producing assets on the internet.


If you’re interested in creating passive income, you’ve got to check this one out. I promise you’ll walk away with at least one new investment idea.

Geeky Fact About Me


Well, I have tracked my net worth every single month for over two years now. If that doesn’t make me a money geek, I don’t know what will!


I also once won a Ping-Pong tournament in Mexico, but we’ll leave that story for another day.


Hope you all enjoyed the reads, and thanks for having me, Michael!


*Tonight Show band plays me off*

best of the web

Thank you, Sean, for hosting this episode of Best of The Web!

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