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Hello Money Geeks,


Michael graciously extended an invite to share a few posts with you, and I couldn’t pass him up.


I am an Assistant Professor of Finance at East Texas Baptist University and maintain a blog on my personal site I write about retirement distribution strategies.

My articles address concerns with running out of money in retirement or how to maximize retirement income.  Many of my articles are summaries and explanations of academic research on withdrawal rates and investment issues for retirement portfolios.



This Weeks’ Top Picks


Three articles I want to share with you this week are:



The Retirement Manifesto –
Unprepared for Retirement


I like this post mainly because the opening is so powerful, and then is backed up by strong data.

Yes, I’m a nerd. Yes, I love data.

According to this post, there are approximately 13 million baby boomers who are unprepared for retirement.



Social Security Intelligence –
Social Security Changes for 2019


My good friend Devin over at Social Security Intelligence cranks out a ton of content on Social Security.

Somehow, he even makes it seem interesting. I’m sharing this article because it addresses the changes to social security for 2019, which is almost here.



Squared Away Blog –
Why Couples Retire Together – or Don’t


Another good post with a catchy idea immediately supported by data.

In a survey of 1,600 people, only 43 percent knew, correctly, when their spouse planned to retire. Its hard to plan for the details when something that simple isn’t even nailed down.



My Personal Pick


One of my own posts that I want to share with you is this one on the 4% rule of retirement income.

This post is a good introduction to both my blog and the topic of retirement income. This outlines the original research in which the 4% rule was developed and sets the stage for the rest of the retirement withdrawal discussion.


Geeky Fact About Me


I’m a Finance Professor? I mean, do we really have to go any further?

Oh, I also get genuinely excited about retirement planning. So…yea.


Thanks to Brandon for sharing his top picks this week!

If you would like to be a contributor for the Best of the Web series, please contact me! 


Recommended Reading

Are You Ready For FIRE or Just Kidding Yourself?

This post was inspired by a lively discussion on Reddit. What I have to share on the topic may seem controversial or critical; however, my reason for sharing this is to help you be successful in your goals. An interesting development over the last several years has been the Financial Independence/Retire Early (FIRE) movement.

When Is Social Security Enough To Live On?

Dear Reader, This is a common question, and a tough situation to be in! In an ideal world, we would all save a significant portion of our income; our savings would earn crazy good returns, and we would still have our lunch money from fifth grade.

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