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BEN Drowned Returns

BEN Drowned Returns

It was four in the evening and I was laying in bed while playing Pokemon on my Gamboy Color.
My mother calls up the steps, “Zoey! I got you something!”
I raced down the steps and looked at my mom excitedly. Mom handed me a brown paper bag. I frowned bitterly but my bitterness quickly faded when I looked inside the bag.
There sat an old N64 system, two controllers, and  few games. I kissed my mom’s soft cheek. “Thanks mom!” I shouted.
Once I got in to my room, i quickly hooked up the gaming system and took out what few games I received with my new N64.
I looked through them and sighed. All them games seemed boring, but one game caught my eyes. It was a dirty old cartridge with Majora written on it in thick black sharpie.
I shrugged my thin shoulders and put the game in. The game started normally and despite the legginess from the game being used so much.
When I got to the file menu, I saw a single file, BEN. I again shrugged my shoulders and clicked on the second file not even bothering to mess with the other one.
The game ran smoothly besides a few glitches here and there, but then something weird happened. The game would sometimes call me BEN and sometimes Zoey. I thought nothing of it and continued to play.
I was about to enter Clocktown, but the screen turned black for some reason. The game rebooted itself and returned to the main menu. I clicked on my file and started to play once more.
As the game loaded, a title screen came on, “Dawn of a New Day” was what it read. I started to shiver as a feeling of dread started to flow through my body.
My hands started to sweat and my breathing became unsteady as what sounded like The Song of Healing being play backwards.
I gulped and went to the back of a building. Just then, a statue started to spawn and form in front of Link. I looked at it as I tilted my head slightly to the side.
“Weird…I haven’t even played The Elegy of Emptiness…” I said to myself.
Just thinking that the strange statue of Link forming was just a glitch, I left the building and continued my journey.
The game system rebooted itself again. I went into the file menu, but this time…my file was gone….and so was BEN’s…I hadn’t even clicked on it his!
There was a new file named Your Turn. I started to feel uneasy again as I started the game.
The screen went black for about thirty seconds. I was on top of the Clock Tower, looking up at Skull kid. He just floated there…staring…
I sat there in confusion. Suddenly, an idea came to me. I took out my sword and charge at him.
After about four steps, Link dropped his sword as he was lifted off the ground. Link burst in to flames as he screamed in agony.
I quickly turned off my TV not knowing what to do…I was to shocked to even think straight
I decided to get my mind off of things by surfing the web. As soon as I got on to google, a tab opened itself up.
The site it was on was called Cleverbot. I clicked out if it. The tab reopened itself.
I started to type.
User: WHAT!
CB: hello…
User:….who are you?
User: BEN? Okay…what’s your last name?
CB: That is for me to know and for you to wonder.
User: Come on! Tell me!
CB: No.
User: sheesh! Fine! No need to get your panties in a knot!
CB: Do you like the game?
User: Wha?
CB: do you like the video game??
User: how do you know about that!?
CB: because I’m part of the game…
User: How?
CB: why don’t you play to find out?

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The tab closed itself and the TV turned on behind me. I rubbed my eyes and yawned.
“Fine…” I said to myself.
I stood up from my desk chair and started to play the game once more.
I was in the same place where Link had went up in to flames. I took out my ocarina and and started to play a song. Before I finished the last note, Link went up into flames.
By this point, I was beyond freaked out, but I continued to play.
The game rebooted itself again and came to the file menu. This time, there where two files made…”BEN” and “Drowned”
I assumed that Drowned was BEN’s “last name”
Sighed and shook my head, “I need some sleep…” I said to my self.
I turned off my TV and laid down on my comfy bed. The TV turn back on. I looked up and saw a single sentence that made my skin crawl.
“You shouldn’t have done that, Zoey” it read. I flipped the TV off and rolled over.
“Screw you, asshole!” I yelled.

It’s 12:30 AM and I woke up to the sound if static. I groggily looked up and saw that a picture of a statue of Link. Only thing is….it wasn’t Link…I didn’t even have to think about who it could be…because I instantly knew who it was….It was BEN Drowned. He was in my TV watching me sleep.
I rolled over and turned on my pc. A cleverbot page was already pulled up.

User: Hello, BEN Drowned…
CB: Hello, Zoey Maples…
User: How do you know my last name!?
CB: I know everything about you, sweetheart…
User: Why are you doing this!?
CB: Because it is funny…and you amuse me…
User: Are you alive?
CB: Yes and no…
CB: I drowned…
User: Then how can you be alive and dead at the same time, smarts??

The page closed out before I got an answer from BEN. “Douche bag…” I muttered.
Over the next few weeks, I started doing research on BEN but for certain things, the picture of him would come up….almost like he didn’t want me to see it…
I soon gave up and sat back in my desk chair. I just can’t seem to figure this guy out.
All of the sudden, a loud bang came from the our small TV room. I walked in to see the 62″ flat screen TV with a picture of BEN. I screeched. I was so shocked and scared, that I blacked out.
When I woke up, I dizzily looked around. I was in my room on my bed. The red N64controller sat next to me and Majora’s Mask was already turned on.
I shakily started to play, but I noticed that Link’s back was tilted. I ran around, but I could seem to get his body to straighten.
I got irritated and was about to put the game controller down, when all if the sudden, a text box pops up.
“You shouldn’t have done that, Zoey…” it read.
I stared at the screen unable to think straight. I was scared and confused.
“Done what?” I asked not expect an answer.
“You shouldn’t have played my game…” the screen read.
I whimpered, “WHY?! WHY ARE YOU DOING THIS?!” I screamed.
“I already told you…I find you amusing..” Someone whispered in my ear.
I quickly turned around but only to find that no one was there.
“Over here, Zoey” the voice echoed
I turned around again and saw my door swing open slightly.
“This isn’t funny!” I called out.
“Oh…but it is…” The voice sound farther away this time.
I stood up and hastily ran out of my bedroom. I followed the sound of evil chuckles and hushed whispers.
The voices lead me outside and to the small pond by the edge of the forest.
The voices stopped as I stood at the waters edge looking deep within. I soon saw something green form as it floated to the top of the water.
It was a green hat. I took it out carefully and inspected the object.
I looked back to the water and screamed. A boy around 10 or so laid at the bottom of the pond. He had blonde hair and pale skin.
He looked as if he died from being strangled but there was much more to it.
I dove in to the water and brought his body to the surface. I opened one of his eyes only to see an empty socket.
I gasped and backed away fearfully. His eyes must have decayed due to all the water.
I slowly crawled back to the boy’s body and poked his cheek as if he was just asleep.
I finally sat back as hot tears streamed down my face. I couldn’t live with myself knowing that this boy was so close to my house and yet I never knew he was there.
“I’m so sorry,” I whispered, “if only I would have known…” more tears streamed down my face.
I sat by the boys body for about a good  half hour. Then it clicked…this boy’s body….is BEN’s.
I slowly stood and took of my outer jacket. I covered BEN’s body and said, “I’m sorry, BEN…”

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Over the next few weeks, I became overly depressed. I became so depressed…that I wouldn’t talk… And a few months later… I ran away.

1 month later

Zoey’s mother turned on the news, “16 year old Zoey Maples was found dead in an old warehouse by the cafe. Police say that she hung herself with an old cord. Recently she had been diagnosed with severe depression and police believe this is the reason why she committed suicide.” The reported said.
Zoey’s mother sat on the couch shocked. She couldn’t believe what she was hearing. Her daughter wouldn’t do such a thing! Even if she was depressed!
When Zoey’s mother finally faced the truth, she broke down. She looked up as she heard the TV start to become staticky.
“Please don’t cry…” A voice rang, “I’m here…play the game….”
“What game?” Her mother asked aloud while looking around.
“The Legend of Zelda Majora’s Mask…” The voice replied.
Then it dawned on her. Zoey was the one talking to her….
Credit To – Original story goes to Jadusable and BEN Drowned returns belongs to me, Willow Bauer

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Not much is known about Brian Z. Some say it's because he is secretly preparing for the Z poc, others say it's because of the "incident" at Chicago Walker Stalker Con. All that we know for certain is he loves sci-fi, horror, and zombies.

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