Our Plan to Increase Business Revenue

Increasing business revenue can be tricky. But finding ways to generate more cashflow can change things dramatically and allows you to shift your focus.

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Looking Forward to When our Dogs Die

Being a dog owner is tough. Even though we love our dogs, we think our pet owning days might be over eventually. Dog’s are great, but are a ton of work.

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How My Anxiety Ruined Father’s Day

Anxiety can easily lead to anger and frustration. But it doesn’t have to. This is what I am doing to tackle my anxiety and push things forward.


Why FatFIRE Might Be My Only Way Out

FAT FIRE gives you more options in how to spend your time during retirement. Your budget might increase and you might live in a large city.


Managing Drama in Our Salon Business

Drama can be a business killer. This is what we’ve learned over the past few years in preventing drama in our business, and what we are going to do.