Arkham City: Radio Frequency Easter Egg

Christmas is my favorite holiday. I always get so excited on Christmas Eve, and it is the longest day of the year for me. This particular Christmas Eve, was eventful. I need something to entertain myself on Christmas Eve, or else I will get extremely anxious. I decided I should go play Xbox. I looked through all of my games. Beat it, beat it, beat it, worst game ever, bored of it, beat it, and beat it, once again. I finally came down to Batman: Arkham City. I always loved the Arkham games, and though I had beaten both several times, I figured maybe I could get a kick out of play Arkham City once again.
The game starts out with Bruce Wayne giving a speech of how Arkham City needs to be shut down, for it is out of control. He soon gets arrested by TYGER guards, and then is interrogated by Dr. Strange. Once he’s through interrogation, he goes through the prison check in line, beats the crap out of thugs, saves Jack Ryder, and get’s hit by a thug, by surprise. He’s then brought to Penguin; he breaks his hand, beats up his thugs, breaks his handcuffs, and signals for Alfred. All of this is usual, I know, but just hold on, it get’s interesting soon. Bruce Wayne climbs up to the Ace Chemicals building, to get his bat suit that Alfred had dropped off. He gets in his suit, and pulls out his hack gadget, to hack into TYGER communications. This is where everything got off hand for me.
I started messing around with it, because I was already a little bored with the game. That’s when I noticed something I did not know before. If you scroll around on the hack gadget, you can pick up some frequencies, but most are too feint to hear. I did pick up one though. It was very feint, but I could just make out what it said. It sounded like Joker speaking, and he gave me a website link. I won’t tell you the link, because, you do not want to experience this, you’ll understand why in a moment.
I paused the game, then I logged into my laptop. I typed in the link from what I had heard. When the website came up, it gave me a step by step tutorial on how to perform a certain Easter egg. I don’t remember all the steps, but I do remember you had to so something like, performing a dive bomb on Penguin’s unconscious body. Afterwards, I think it told me to glide over to the police station without touching anything along the way. This took me several tries, but I finally did it.
The next step was to enter the building. I was introduced to a very graphic scene with Mr. Freeze. Mr. Freeze was standing next to his wife, Nora. He was sobbing, with red, demonic looking, eyes. He as muttering: “I killed her”, over and over again, with sobs in between. After about a minute of this, Freeze took a pistol, and shot himself straight through the head. Excessive blood and brain matter came from his head. I felt sick at this point, and when I was about to turn it off, Batman moved for me. He glided over to the Steel Mill, and entered the building. Upon entering, he saw Joker, holding Harley Quinn’s lifeless body, and sobbing. He didn’t say anything, but he just sobbed. He took a gun also, and shot himself. I vomited, why was this in the game?
Batman flew over to the alley where you find your parents crime scene. This time, his parents were actually there, but they didn’t seem to notice Batman. They were walking with little Bruce Wayne, and the gunman that originally killed his parents, came, and shot them both, leaving little Bruce Wayne sobbing. This time though, little Bruce Wayne took two knives out of his pocket, and stabbed the man in both of his eyes.
Batman lastly flew over behind the medical building. All of his friends, and enemies’ heads were impaled on poles sticking out of the ground. A single tape lay in between the field of heads. It was a recording. Dr. Strange soon came on the tape, and said “How does it feel to be responsible for all of these deaths? Your friends, your enemies, and me?” You then heard a gunshot. The camera turns around to face Batman. Batman’s eyes were then glowing a demonic red. He then pulls out a gun out of nowhere, and shoots himself in the head.
My Xbox violently crashed, and it got the red ring of death. I honestly don’t know what to say about this. I mean, I’m not paranoid or anything, and no mysterious force has haunted me. I guess it was an Easter egg some sick, twisted, game designer put in the game. Well, that’s it. I guess I’m just warning you not to do this cheat. It still leaves images in my head.

Credit To – Bryan Wood

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