Apex Legends Finally Heads to Nintendo Switch This March

Apex Legends will finally be headed to Nintendo Switch on March 9, 2021 — as revealed by the publisher EA in a blogpost. The port is being handled by renowned developer Panic Button Games, best known for their work on several Nintendo Switch ports like DOOM, DOOM Eternal, Rocket League, and Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus.

Chad Grenier, Game Director at Respawn Entertainment (the main developer of Apex Legends) praised Panic Button, stating “porting Apex Legends to its smallest screen yet is a major achievement, and we couldn’t have done it without our friends at Panic Button. We’re very proud of what the team has been able to achieve with some smart optimizations for the Switch port to deliver a full-featured Apex Legends experience on the go.”

In order to keep all platforms as close to equal as possible, Panic Button and Respawn will be granting Nintendo Switch players 30 free levels for the Season 8 Battle Pass — which just launched across PS4, PC, and Xbox One today. In addition, Switch players will have access to double XP for the first two weeks after launch.

Season 8 of Apex Legends just launched today, featuring a new Legend named Fuse, who focuses on explosive attacks. Along with Fuse comes new weapons, a map update, Gold-tier magazines, and a slew of quality of life improvements.

Apex Legends will come to Nintendo Switch for free, just as it has on other platforms. It originally launched for consoles and PC in February 2019 and immediately garnered tremendous success — both critically and commercially. It's unclear if the Nintendo Switch version will gain access to updates and events on the same day as other platforms, but we'll likely hear more about its plans as we get closer to launch.

In addition to all that, a new mobile version of Apex Legends was also announced — set for launch sometime in the fiscal year 2022 (March 2021 – March 2022).

Source: EA

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