Aliens: Fireteam, a New Co-op Shooter Is Coming this Summer

Developer Cold Iron Studios has just announced a new third-person co-op shooter called Aliens: Fireteam. This news comes (in part) by way of a lengthy post from GameSpot, which features tons of details about the new game. It's scheduled to launch for PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and PC this summer.

You can take a look at the announcement trailer below!

Aliens: Fireteam is said to take place 23 years after the Alien film trilogy, and will feature cooperative third-person shooter action, along with multiple character classes to choose from. The game will include 11 different Xenomorph types, 30 different weapons, RPG mechanics, and will be broken up over four campaigns — with three missions a piece, each taking around 40 minutes to complete (equating to around 8-10 hours in total).

According to Cold Iron's co-founder and CEO Craig Zinkievich told GameSpot “Many of the encounters start off with that moment of, ‘Oh, we're badass Marines. We can throw turrets down, we'll use all our consumables, and we'll get through this just fine.'”

“But by the end, we want you to have that panic, and that moment where you realize, ‘Hey, if we had split up, it would have been really, really bad, but we narrowly avoided defeat here.'”

The most recent game in the franchise was Alien: Isolation, a game that is often fondly remembered, despite being underrated. Before that, we got Aliens: Colonial Marines, which is regarded a terrible, buggy, unfinished mess. With that in mind, Zinkievich wants to ensure Fireteam meets the high standards set by him, the team, and the community.

“We started working on [Fireteam] as soon as we started work with 20th Century Fox and we were just overjoyed,” Zinkievich  said to GameSpot. “We're like, ‘Yes, it's amazing. It's fantastic, I can't believe we're working on this.' And then there was almost the hangover, where it was like, ‘Oh my God, are we going to make a game that's good enough for us?' We're crazy fans of this and want to make sure that whatever we do really, really speaks to the franchise, to the movies, feels authentic, not just in the art, which Matt [Highison's] team has just done an amazing job with, but also with the way that it feels like to be there. And it's a tall order.”

Cold Iron Studios was formed in 2015 and is home to over 40 employees. The team is comprised of veteran developers who worked on games like Star Trek Online and Neverwinter. Aliens: Fireteam doesn't have a firm release date or price point just yet, but we'll likely find out more in the coming months.

Source: Cold Iron Studios via GameSpot

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