2120 LW-426 Acheron

There I was just chilling with my buddies in our eggs on the floor when I sensed a disturbance. Something woke me up. Some kind of humming sound.

I felt the force, I mean the ground shake. Then a very faint light moved by me. My home opened up! I was so scared. I had no idea what was happening.

“Somebody's Watching Me”

Something appeared at the entrance above me. I hadn’t planned on jumping. I had no intentions to hurt the thing standing over me. But when that unknown entity came right up to the entrance of my egg sack and peered in, I instinctively felt I needed to defend myself.

A Facehugger Has To Do What A Facehugger Has To Do

I didn’t think about it. I just jumped on his face. At least I thought it was his face. It might have been his butt. I didn’t know, I had never met an Alien before.

Its skin felt cold and hard. My spitter thing splattered it with my special acid secretion and I was able to get past its hard skin and give the disgustingly softer parts a nice warm hug.

A part of me was still cold though. So, I found the warmest place to go. I went right into the screaming cave. After being tossed around a bit everything eventually calmed down.

I heard another type of high pitched hum that was quite annoying. Then something tried to move one of my legs. Nope. That was not gonna happen! I hugged the thing tighter and the tall, big creatures finally left me alone for a while. After that, they tried to cut off one of my legs. That was a mistake they soon learned. It stung a bit, but not too badly.


In With The New, Out With The Old

Ahhhhh. It was so nice and comfy there. I felt different, changed. Like a new me! Eventually, I left my legs and shell on the outside. I didn’t think I really needed them anymore.

That was the old me anyway. I was much smaller after I made my first body go away. It made me very hungry. I had never been that hungry before. Luckily there was plenty of food all around me so I just ate away. I can tell you that I didn’t like liver though. Yuch!

I guess since I ate so much I grew fast. I grew so big that I didn’t have any room in there anymore. Something told me it was time. I had to escape.

Time to Dine and Ditch

I couldn’t find my way back to the path I had come in so I made a new tunnel. I figured it would be faster anyway. I followed the loud obnoxious sounds as I chewed my way out. It made a nice snack.

It was so bright! I don’t really have eyes so I couldn’t see anything but I could feel/sense the light. All the noise! Why were they all so loud? Then eerie silence. There were a bunch more of the tall squishy things all around me. I think I freaked them out. One moved toward me. I slithered out of there fast!

“A Quiet Place”

Peaceful. I could stay there forever. Crap, another squishy thing. Oh man, I was famished again somehow. Starving even. The squishy thing made another noise. I was so glad there was food all around, I just wished they weren’t so stupid and were more of a challenge.

Shedding My Skin Of You

My exo-skin was sooo tight. It was time to grow out of it. I felt so much better after I shed the old skin. I hated to be messy, but I just left it behind. I didn’t see any of my kind to clean it up for me. I think I was alone.

“The Meaning Of Life”

I wondered what my purpose was. What should I do with my life? How should I invest my time and talents? What were my best investment strategies?

So many questions even though I was so young. I was growing fast though. Sometimes it was good to stop and think about life between feedings.

“The Holy Grail”

Wow! Tunnels. I loved exploring. It was such an adventure! It didn’t appear that the loud, soft things went in there much. Peace and Quiet. I liked it. Live and let live I always believed.

What the What?

Now, what was that thing doing there? Those things were nothing but soft dumb animals.

I wondered who built this cool playground though. Certainly, it was not them. They weren’t strong at all.

I wondered if the whole place was actually a food storage facility. Those things ate and got bigger until their owners got hungry and took them away as lunch. I didn't see how they could be useful in any other way.

Speaking of food, I was sure the owners wouldn’t mind if I took a nibble or two, or ten, of their stock.

Evolution Was Not Kind

Now, what was that annoying sound? Were the food things stupid or what? The whooshing tracking sound let me know exactly where they were.

I knew they were simple food servings. It was obvious that they would never evolve into anything intelligent.

“And Now For Something Completely Different”

Whoa! What was with all the noise and lights flashing and steam blowing everywhere? I had to get away from all that and find a better hiding place.

Oh, look. A snack down at the bottom of the chains. The snacks keep getting smaller and smaller. I wondered why? Yum! Tasty though.


“If I ever get out of here,” I will take that ferocious furry thing with me.

It was too much like me, a beast of prey. The claws. The teeth. I was surprised it wasn’t ruling all the mindless edibles that were walking around.

“The Love Shack”

I found a really nice cozy safe place. It was away from all the craziness going on. I planned to relax there until…what?

Are you friggin kidding me? Another one of them? Fortunately for it the lovely lunchable didn’t see me so I decided to just chill. I was pretty full anyway.

“Space, The Final Frontier

Was that a window? We’re out in space?? Woohoo! I had always wanted to be out in space.

I could be as loud as I wanted to be out there. You know, because “in space, no one can hear you scream!”

“Reach Out And Touch (Somebody’s Hand)”

The Alien thing came closer to me for some reason. I was very good at hiding but I was right in front of the grisly grub. Truly, how did my next snack not see me?

This future meal was not very bright. So I reached out to it. Just for fun. Just for acid shits and gourmet giggles.

“It Puts The Lotion On Its Skin, Or Else It Gets the Acid Again”

Now what? The wimpy foodstuff wasn’t wearing its real skin? It was naked? Sickening! These tidbits were obviously merely primitive lifeforms. It finally put its harder skin back on.

l showed it my inner teeth to hopefully keep the brunch away, All I really wanted was a quiet nap without any interruptions. Was that really too much to ask of the appetizer?

“Don’t Stand, Don’t Stand, Don’t Stand So Close To Me”

What the fudge did that squishy thing do?! Did it really have to make that thing blow nitrosyl chloride on me? (I may have been primitive but I was not stupid. I knew my chemical compounds)

Couldn’t it see that I was asleep? It didn’t hurt or anything but it did scare me. And I never got scared. Not even when I ripped apart the two “food bags” who were banging those metal canisters around earlier.

“Let’s Get It On”

“Come on squishy thing. We should talk. We can work this out.” Dang. It was too stupid to communicate. I reached out for the tasty morsel and it hit a button and I was sucked out into space. I grabbed onto the door just in time.

“Don’t shoot that thing at me! You are my refreshment. I am the sentient one here. I must be the one to live and you must be the one eaten.”

“All By Myself, I Don’t Wanna Be…All By Myself”

Man, that sucked.

My tasty snack shot that thing at me. I was blasted outside. What a great view though. Ok, that was enough fun. It was time to get back inside where it was so toasty and snuggly. I grabbed onto the metal thing and crawled into the huge opening.

I was about to get into the…aaaaaaarrrrggggghhhhhhhhh!

“And I’m Floating In The Most Peculiar Way”

“And the stars look very different, today.” Well, that was not how I imagined it would go.

There I was floating in space. I guess I was going to be waiting awhile. It was a good thing I had a good immune system. 

Imaginary Deleted Scene

Look, a spaceship! Awesome!

Oh great. It’s a Predator.

My Thank You!

This is my thank you to the movie Alien which released 40 years ago in 1979. It was amazing and groundbreaking then and it still holds up rather well today.

Thank you, Ridley Scott, Dan O’Bannon, Ronald Shusett, Brandywine Productions, 20th Century Fox and the cast and crew.



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