A Dime Saved was born after my incessant personal finance lecturing started boring my friends and family. Now, I give my advice to the internet anonymously and I don’t alienate my social circle. It’s pretty much a win-win!

I’ve always been interested in personal finance but my biggest “aha!” moment came when I lost my job. Newly pregnant, with a young son, I struggled for months to find a job. While we were spared the worst by still having my husband’s (low) income; it was a dark, dark time.

It really focused me on the importance of saving, investing, living below my means and giving charity. We still live on a low-income which I believe gives me a unique perspective in the personal finance world. I get the struggle because I live it.

My favorite blog post shows how I relate to money and budgeting. “How Budgeting Saved My Marriage” is the true story of how changing the way my husband and I dealt with money helped us relieve the money tensions in our marriage.


3 Blog Posts that I love

More mental accounting forms: the “endowment effect” and “nudge theory”

Personal Finance is not just numbers. It is about how we relate to money, how we feel about money, and ultimately how we behave with our money.

How I got my Friend interested in Personal Finance

It’s always great to read about how people learn about personal finance, change their lives and then help others change theirs.

How to Actively Support Financial Literacy in your Community

As a personal finance blogger, I think Financial Literary is extremely important! We all have a responsibility to do what we can to promote financial literacy in our communities.

Geeky Fact about me: I don’t own a T.V and never have.

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