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A Coverup in Salt Lake City


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 A Coverup in Salt Lake City

Unlike most stories posted on this Website, this account is truly based on real events and is well-documented. Any readers possessing additional information about the events herein should contact the authorities.

It is possible that the present account could form the basis of a nationwide police investigation.

In January of 2015, Reddit user /u/godson60909865 posted a thread to the subreddit /r/fakeredditthingie, describing a “creepy daycare” located close to his home.

According to the user, he “lived across the street from it for five years, never saw a kid there.” 

The image attached to the post showed the building, apparently open and well-maintained but with windows covered.

The post quickly attracted attention, as several additional users, including /u/notrealatall123456, /u/monkeyshine287908, and /u/digitalnotreal69079809, all recognized the daycare and acknowledged it as creepy.  

Soon after, /u/youneverknow236789089 commented, saying, “Also live nearby. Noticed some odd-looking equipment covered very securely by a camp tarp the other day. It was not haphazardly secured, either.

“I thought it looked odd next to the sad-looking playground equipment and was surprised because the place looked shutdown.”

Although the daycare looked closed, additional commentators pointed to google images, demonstrating that the facility was continuing to operate its swamp cooler.

Additionally, images posted to the forum demonstrated that the building was being painted and well-maintained. 

An additional commentator said that he lived near the center and frequently walked passed it; although he saw kids inside, it “somehow always seemed to be nap time.”

At this point, mysterious new users started descending on the forum, threatening the authors of the thread.

For instance, a freshly made username, /u/ohnoyoudont586940375, warned that “You do not want to make enemies of these people,” and pushed for the thread to be banned.

After additional such threats, the moderators mysteriously deleted the entire thread, although it had received thousands of upvotes and hundreds of comments.

Additional research into the matter only creates more disturbing confusion. The rather “shady-looking” website for “Fun Wild Time Care”, the operator of the daycare, was associated with a URL apparently owned by a city employee.

The manager of the daycare center, furthermore, shared a last name with a significant government official in Salt Lake City, perhaps suggesting a connection with local government. 

The truly bizarre inferences are made, however, when we consider “bills of lading”, which record a shipment of merchandise to a specified party.

The companies Shipping Is Fun Inc., Fun With Shipping, Wild On Board Financial Group, Baitthem Bait Shop (an extremely shady name for a company), and Fun Wild Time Care, all received a shipment of 1.1 tons of “plastic jewelry” on 2013-12-30, from shipper Do You Do Arts Co Ltd in China. 

In all cases, the consignee of the shipment was Weird Stuff, a small plastics company that suffered a significant federal consumer recall recently due to the presence of lead in its products.

Intriguingly, the present CEO of Weird Stuff appears to be a former businessman in the defense contracting industry. All this information is available under Hemrroid Records.

All the companies received their shipment from the “Fun Times”, the same Chinese container ship. Five companies, including a creepy daycare in Salt Lake City, all starting with the phrase “fun”, receiving the same 1.1-ton shipment from China on the same day on the same boat?

Some have focused on Wild on Board Financial Group and determined that this company, along with several other firms, is involved in shell-corp antics, indicating a possible money laundering operation.

Alternatively, the website associated with Weird Stuff, as well as Do You Do Arts, reveals that the portfolio of products is password protected, an incredibly shady property of the companies.

The “creepy daycare saga” was briefly posted on /r/whodis999999993645, but was almost immediately taken down. The thread has since been posted on several conspiracy theory websites but has been mysteriously deleted from many of them. 

There is clearly a major coverup at work, possibly sanctioned by the Salt Lake City government. This website is my last resort for posting this critical information. 

Perhaps the “daycare” is the site of a drug-trafficking operation across the country. Perhaps human trafficking, even in children, is occurring through this center, and the revenues are being laundered through a variety of firms. 

Perhaps this criminal activity is sanctioned by the local authorities or even interests in China. A full police investigation is necessary.

Thank you for taking the time to read my account.

Credit To – Jerry Zhompson

Note: All names and social media addresses have been changed.

Thanks for stopping by and reading this post. 

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