9 E3 Gaming Announcements You Missed 

Another year at E3 has come to a close and the gaming industry is abuzz with excitement over the upcoming line-up of games from big-name studios and indie developers alike. 

Whether you are counting down the days until you can become the Star-Lord and take on Lady Hellbender in Guardians of the Galaxy or you are obsessively playing the demo for Neko Ghost, Jump! you were probably able to find something at E3 that caught your interest. 

E3 launched on Saturday with some serious awe-inspiring games from Ubisoft Forward, namely that first look at Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora — an immersive, open-world game coming in 2022. But the first day of the convention also took us behind the scenes of the upcoming live-action Borderlands movie. 

Sunday brought with it reveals from some serious heavy hitters as Xbox, Bethesda Games, Square Enix, and Warner Bros. Games revealed trailers and gameplay for their upcoming releases. Guardians of the Galaxy and the Black Panther expansion for Marvel’s Avengers dominated the conversation, but the second trailer for Far Cry 6 and Bethesda Games’ Starfield were pretty jawdropping too. 

On the third day of the convention, Verizon unveiled their 5G showcase before a full slate of informational panels from gamers and developers preceded big announcements from Freedom Games and Capcom. Who else is ready to become a Cat Cafe Manager or to take on a Monster Outbreak

The final day of E3 wound down with Nintendo’s big announcements which included Guardians of the Galaxy for Nintendo Switch, as well as the Life is Strange: True Colors and Life is Strange Remastered Collection arriving on the system. The pièce de résistance, however, was the Legend of Zelda sequel arriving in 2022. 

These were all of the biggest announcements, but what about the ones that slipped under the radar? 

9 E3 Gaming Announcements You Missed 

Pirates Life2 1
Sea of Thieves: A Pirates Life | Credit: Disney/Xbox

Resident Evil: Village DLC 

By popular demand, Resident Evil: Village has revealed that a new DLC is coming and we’re left wondering — TALL LADY? Very little is known about the DLC that has just entered production, but given the fan reactions to Lady Dimitrescu, it’s safe to say she will likely return in some capacity. 

Capcom also confirmed that the online multiplayer game Resident Evil RE: Verse is set to release next month, free to everyone who purchased Resident Evil Village.

Eldest Souls 

This July you can play the brand new pixel-art game Eldest Souls. During the Future Games Show presentation, the indie developer Fallen Flag Studios revealed their new souls-like boss rush game that sends you on a quest to slay all of the Old Gods. Should be easy enough, right? 

Based on the trailer, this game has absolutely gorgeous graphics and it seems like a tedious and complex pixel-art game, which the world always needs more of. We’re officially hyped. 

A Plague Tale: Requiem 

A Plague Tale: Innocence was such a unique game to play, one with a compelling story and stunning graphics, but few of us expected to see a sequel from this game. The cult classic is returning in 2022, as Hugo and Amicia struggle to survive. 

While A Plague Tale: Innocence was available on multiple platforms, the sequel will only be available on  Xbox Series X|S and PC.

Slime Rancher 2 

Amid a plethora of Xbox announcements, this one slid in under the radar. Slime Rancher has always been a pretty low-pressure life simulator, but this time around you’ll get to explore a new world filled with ancient technology in 4K. You’ll have to check out the trailer to learn more about Beatrix LeBeau’s return to the Far, Far Range. 

Party Animals 

Gamers who frequent the free demos on Steam, might remember checking out Party Animals at the tail end of last year. Now the fluffy and adorable critters have an almost official release date —  sometime in 2022. You will have to wait a little bit longer to enjoy this chaotic game.

You can go ahead and add it to your wishlist on Steam, but you won’t be able to headbutt your furry compatriots into infernos or become a crossbow-wielding corgi until next year. 

PsychoNauts 2 

PsychoNauts fans will be thrilled to know that the sequel is right around the corner. After numerous delays, PsychoNauts 2 revealed a fast-paced trailer during Xbox’s presentation on Saturday. Some will remember that the first PsychoNauts 2 demo came out all the way back in 2017. It’s been a long time coming. 

The game will initially release on Xbox and PC, but will come to Playstation and Mac systems in the near future. 

Microsoft Flight Simulator 

This popular game series has been around for nearly forty years and fans never tire of its ever-evolving gameplay. This time, Microsoft has partnered with Paramount Studios to coincide the launch of Microsoft Flight Simulator with the theatrical release of Top Gun: Maverick on July 27th. 

If you’re looking for something additional to go with your flight simulator, Turtle Beach unveiled their brand new VelocityOne™ Flight Universal Control System at E3, which offers the most immersive, authentic flying experience on the market.

Fallout 76 DLC 

The ever-popular Fallout 76 had two big announcements during Bethesda and Xbox’s presentation. Steel Reign brings the conclusion of the Brotherhood of Steel storyline, while the teaser for The Pitt — taking us back to a familiar location from the Fallout 3 DLC. 

Assist the Brotherhood of Steel during the Coming Storm event start June 15th through July 6th, competing in challenges to earn special loot in the lead-up to the Steel Reign questline. There’s always something new to do in Fallout 76

Sea of Thieves DLC

This one didn’t exactly fly under the radar, but we’re excited for this major new story update coming to Sea of Thieves next week. Disney’s infamous pirate, Captain Jack Sparrow has dropped anchor in the upcoming tale-tale —  A Pirate’s Life

The brand new, original story, is based loosely on the myth and lore of Pirates of the Caribbean and will be available to play alone or with a crew. The best part? This update is completely free. No piracy required. 

E3 was four days of incredible reveals for game players everywhere — from classics like Zelda, Final Fantasy, and Smash Bros.; to new games that are destined to be cult hits like Arkane Studios' Redfall or Bethesda’s Starfield; and indie games like Cat Cafe Manager, Death’s Door, and Happy's Humble Burger Farm

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