8 Ways To Standout In Business Without Killing Yourself

In one of my previous articles, I mention the importance of standing out in business. Ever since then, I had received a lot of questions from readers of this blog asking ‘How do You Standout In Business?”

No matter the form of service you render or the nature of your business, you are not the only one in it, and since you are not the only one in that niche, prospects have no way of figuring out why you should be their preference.

It is your sole duty to give them a reason to choose you.

So, how do you stand out in business? There are many easy ways to be noticed in a crowd. You could jump up and down, Take your top off, Make loud noises, just kidding.

There are ways to stand out in business in professional ways; here are some of them.

1- Add Value

The first and the most critical step you can take to make yourself and your brand stand out in business is to add value. You need to regularly to about what you can add to your business or service that nobody has added? It must be something of value to all the stakeholders; yourself, your client, your team, and Almighty God.

When you add value to people, you are adding value to yourself and your business; it makes you stand out from your competitors and gives you an edge over them.

2- Forget The Practices, Operate By Your Own Rules

One of my favorite quotes is from Michael Korda. “The fastest way to succeed is to look as if you’re playing by somebody else’s rules, while quietly playing by your own.”

“Standard industry practices” are compiled by individuals like you. They should, therefore, be taken as mere suggestions and not some hard and fast rule.

There no industry without practices that annoys irritates and maddened people. But, people still follow these practices quietly. My advice changes the method. You will be surprised to see a lot of people who will follow suit.

A sure way to stand out in business is to play by your own rule. It only makes you a leader of a movement or trend.

3- Have A Purpose

The purpose is one of the essential things in business. You need to have a deeper understanding of why you’re even in the industry and what your higher intention is.

It is your purpose that makes you stand out in business and set you apart from the crowd.

4- Be Response-Able

You need to respond to e-mails, calls, request and enquires as soon and often as you can. This will have you stand out in business as a person who respects others and communicate well.

5- Be Yourself

I’m me. You’re you

I should be I, and you, you

He who made me made you

He made me, me and not you

He made me for me, not for you

He made you, you, so, you’re you.

These are the lines of my first child’s favorite poem. You need to be yourself because there is no vacancy for becoming another person. So stop trying to sound, write, sing, or act like so and so. 

These people are already known for who they are. You will not like to be portrayed as a copycat.

It is a dangerous thing to be an imitator. Ralph Waldo Emerson, in his famous essay on self-reliance, says, “Imitation is suicide.”

If you try to be anyone other than yourself, you kill your personality; you kill your soul.

If you try to imitate someone else, you become second-rate.

The only way to approximate the greatness implicit in human creation is to be you. One of the fundamental laws of human existence is: find yourself, know yourself, and be yourself.

Being yourself, being who you indeed are, makes you stand out in business.

6- Use The Over Use

 Many people are no longer fans of watchword – a phrase like “start a movement” or “lead your industry” or “make your meals” or “walk your edge.” 

They are often referred to as overused garbage catchphrases. But I will advise you to pick one. It is not the phrase that you need; it is the concept behind those phrases that matter.

Another great way to stand out in business is to create your watchword, which is unique and compelling. This helps you and your company to stand out from the crowd.

7- Have A Touch Of Excellence

You need to realize that there is a big difference between Need and Want. People need what you sell, but it is your responsibility to make them want it. Because even if people need what you do, but they do not want it. No sale.

Give your business or service a special touch of class, elegance, spice, or humor. This has proven to make even the most common seem unusual.

There is a big difference between price and value; understand this and standout in business per excellence.

8- Respect Your Clients Time

Their lots of things your clients will expect from you and anyone in your field. Don’t send unsolicited mail to your prospects or client. Respect their time and mailbox.

Tell them what you include in your services that are usually a paid add-on, tell them what you do out of the ordinary that most businesses or companies don’t.

Wrap it up!

Trying to stand out in business can be overwhelming if done the wrong way, but it can be pretty fun if you can take the time to be smart and creative.

Over To You

So, what is the other advice, tips, strategies, techniques, or methods that have worked for you? Please share it with us in the comment below. I sincerely value your opinion more than mine.



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