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4th floor

I’ve been staying at a friend’s this week as I haven’t found a flat just yet. She lives on the fourth floor in one of those shitty rooms at the university campus where you share the toilets and showers with every living soul on your floor. We hardly ever see anyone down the halls when we go out to the loo. The only times I’ve seen people is when we go downstairs. It’s almost as if her floor is empty except for the two of us. However, at night, I always hear the doors open and close, followed by footsteps and then the bathroom door opens. Sometimes, before I go out to pee, I hear a door open and close, and I gladly step out thinking I’d finally meet a neighbor or two, but when I’m in the hall there’s no one.

Today, I had enough and went to the first cleaning lady I could find and asked her if there were anyone except my friend living on the fourth floor cos I never see anyone. “But this building only has three floor, your friend must have been lying to you!”, she said with a chuckle. I’m still questioning whether I should go up there again or leave the country asap.

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