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 The State of The Blog, Traffic, and Thank You


Woot Woot! We did it fellow money geeks!

The blog is now approximately one year old.

Today, I would like to discuss the state of the blog. However, first things first, thank you!

Thank You

I would like to thank everyone that reads the blog. It goes without saying that a blog wouldn’t exist without its readers. However, what keeps me motivated is how wonderful Your Money Geek readers are.

It has been an absolute pleasure and joy receiving reader emails and interacting with everyone on social media. I had no idea prior to blogging that It was possible to be part of such a wonderful online community, and it has been the best part of blogging.

Making New Friends

The blogging community is a great community and I feel fortunate to have made friends with so many fantastic bloggers. I would like to thank ESI Money for giving me a chance when I had no idea what I was doing. Also, Real Money Robert and Method To Your Money who helped me create our Facebook blogger group, Elite Financial Bloggers,  I am so thankful for the help of the group.

I also would like to thank the Filmmakers, Authors, and Business leaders that have contributed to our success story interviews. Each interview has taught me something new, and it has been fun experience talking to so many amazing people.

A few of the people we have interviewed have gone above and beyond to support the blog. I am truly blessed for their support and would like to thank; Morgan Strebler, Jim Thalman, Sexy Chef Wendy, Andrew Markus, Dr. Jimmy Star, Wendy Shepherd, Andy Zach, and J. Dianne Dotson.

I would also like to thank Brian Z, everyone at The Asylum, and the Z Nation Family. As a self-described geek, I have traveled in a few fandoms, and none of them compare to the Z Nation crew. It was a bit of a risk doing so many zombie posts, however, a friend and zombie fan Pat says [she] “reads all my posts,” even the money ones, so the gamble paid off.

I value everyone who has helped the blog and your support is appreciated.

Traffic and Income

I don’t publish traffic figures or income reports on the blog. I have said several times that I secretly suspect most traffic and income reports are thinly veiled marketing copy to pitch some product. I don’t begrudge anyone for making some money, I just don’t want to mislead anyone by concealing marketing as transparency.

The blog has started to make money, however, it falls short of the income produced by other bloggers with similar traffic. In doing some research and speaking with some mentors it appears part of the issue is the eclectic content on the site. Since the blog covers everything from pop-culture to personal finance it is hard for advertisers to understand our community.

Additionally, I don’t push affiliate products as hard as other bloggers. I don’t like the hard sell some of these bloggers use, if I believe in something like a book, movie or course and would recommend it for free then I don’t mind including an affiliate link. However, I am not going to write posts just to push products.

I have been told if I focused more on a niche or pushed more affiliate programs, I could increase revenue per viewer. I enjoy the wacky stuff we post at times and love when people who are not typically into personal finance tell me they enjoyed a post. I love making personal finance fun and the mission fuels me to work hard and put in the effort.

A hyper-focused plan to maximize profits wouldn’t make my heart happy and would fail as a result. Your Money Geek will probably remain under-monetized compared to its peers, and although that may hurt me when it comes time to cash in with my “how to get rich blogging’ course, I am ok with it.

If you are looking for ways to increase traffic to your site, I share what has been working for me in my Sunday Spotlight series and we discuss social media in our Success Story interviews.

That Darn 80/20 Rule

The 80/20 rule is so wildly over applied that it borders on the cliché’, looking back over my traffic the 80/20 rules strikes again. Most of my traffic is generated from the minority of my posts. I have poured over the data to determine why some posts do well and others don’t, and I can’t find a pattern.

Posts that I expected would do well, often do poorly, and vice-versa, the cause of the problem is unknown however the solution is simple; write more.

My Top Blog Posts


How to Make Money Fast, 7 Easy Ways to Earn Money Today!

The success of this post surprised me some, it ranks in Google for some decent terms. A lot of the competing search results are longer posting with more ways to make money. A lot of the blogging gurus suggest if you want to rank you need to write longer posts than the competition.

I didn’t want to write 300 ways to make money quickly or recycle a bunch of nonsense such as “sign up for SwagBucks” or some other referral product.I choose to focus on 7 ways to make decent money and so far it has worked.

Grand Admiral Thrawn: Reviewing Financial and Life Lessons

This post was my “ringer’, how can you go wrong combining the coolest military mind in the Star Wars universe and financial independence? … Like fish in a barrel, right? The post underwhelmed at first, however, I kept promoting it and eventually it took off, clearing 17k sessions in the first weekend.

Survey Junkie Review: Hack to Make Real Money in Just One Hour A Day

This post is a bit of an oddity, reviewing an app like Survey Junkie is uncharacteristic for the website. Talk about Cliché’, every single blogger out there has a Survey Junkie post promoting their affiliate link. Curiosity got the best of me. So, my wife and I made a game to see who could make more money in an hour with the site. You will have to read the post to see who won.

Our little experiment inspired me to see if it was possible to create a hack to make some decent money with the site. We found that if the conditions are right you can turn one hour a day into 4K of retirement savings. It is a neat post, and I hope you check it out. Full disclosure does include an affiliate link.


The Post I Wish Got More Views

The Art of Flipping: Real Life Success Story

This was my first interview, where I spoke with Norm who has been flipping items since 1957. This post did well on Reddit and received some amazing comments from the Flipping subreddit.

Sadly, I didn’t have a comment system installed on my site at the time. It would have been awesome to preserve some of the comments we received. Norm offers great advice about flipping, life and how to be successful in business.


 The State of The Blog

Thanks to our readers and community, the blog is doing well. We are growing every month and are working on several unique projects. We launched a Podcast, 2 Money Guys, in response to readers request to listen to our Success Story interviews. The podcast allows us to go into a little more detail and have some fun with great guests.

What I am Working On

  1.  Free downloadable guides to help you save money or improve your finances.
  2. An app that will make creating a tax budget super easy
  3. YouTube videos to help simplify and explain more complex planning topics

That’s just a teaser of what is in store for 2019.

I want to thank everyone who has stopped by the blog and shown their support. The community is what keeps me passionate and motivated.

Thank You for a great first year.


I love hearing from readers, and I would love to know what is on your mind.

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