The holidays are a great time to show your customers and clients you appreciate them.

However, coming up with the perfect gift, ideas may be a little challenging. So, If you’re tired of sending cookie bouquets or cholates every December, here are some other creative holiday gifts that won’t bust your budget.

10 Corporate Gifts That Won’t Bust Your Budget

Office supplies

If you want to add some humor to the holiday season, try some funny office supplies. The company Knock Knock has great office supply gifts that can fit within any budget. This is a great way to have your clients remember you every time they go to grab a notepad or write a to-do list.

Give the gift of giving back

Many companies give back with every purchase. This is a great way to give a gift that keeps on giving. Companies like Love Your Melon donate 50% of their profit to charity as well as strives to provide a hat to every child in America battling cancer.

Give them the gift of time

Who wouldn’t want more hours in the day? Give your clients the gift of time by giving them a gift card to a local cleaning or maid service. Companies like Molly Maid may ask a few questions about the client’s house before setting a price.

Try to get as much information from your client as possible to make sure they don’t foot the leftover bill for the services provided.

Send a thank-you note

This gift is not only inexpensive, but it’s incredibly personal. Gone are the days of receiving handwritten letters. Take the time to write a genuine thank you to each of your clients and customers. You never know how much it will mean to them.

Healthy snacks

Working hard throughout the day increases everyone’s appetite. Why not give your clients some healthy fuel to increase their energy and imagination? Companies like Graze will send an assortment of delicious snacks your clients will love.

Supply a membership

Everyone likes feeling a part of something, especially an exclusive club or organization. Unlike the fondue kit that sits on a shelf and collects dust, your clients will be compelled to use the membership.

Everything from local gym memberships to museums memberships can be a hit. Do a little research and determine the best membership for your customer. Make it personalized and something they will genuinely love.

Tip: Subscription boxes make great gifts for valued clients and employees.

Send something from your city

Every city has local flavors that make them unique. Sometimes there are foods or restaurants that people travel hundreds of miles to taste.

If your city has some local flavor, send it to your clients. It will help them remember you and be impressed by the personalization.

Give the gift of education

Doesn’t everyone love to learn something new? By giving a learning experience, you are creating a memory for your clients that will last forever.

Gift baskets are forgotten but learning a new skill will be ingrained in their minds.

There are hundreds of classes you could give. You could try a painting class, a public-speaking class, fitness class, or a cooking experience class.

Whatever class you decide on, it will leave a lasting memory.

Tip: You can hire live virtual classes in the Symposium marketplace. You could hold a corporate holiday party and hire an expert or celebrity to teach a live virtual lesson, training, or give a presentation. 

Plant terrarium

Every desk needs a little life. Adding a few plants freshens up any workspace.

There are plenty of arrangements you can select from within any price range.

Plants make excellent gifts for people with green thumbs. I still have a plant one of my first clients gave. It's been repotted many times and always reminds me of my clients when it sees it. 

Bonus tip: If you are looking for a great place to buy pots, try Ollies (unsolicited endorsement) it's one of my favorite places to buy seasonal items, supplies, and household items. 

Movie gift cards

Everyone is a movie lover!

Companies like Fandango allow you to buy movie gift cards in bulk for orders over 100. Give your clients a night out with a movie gift card.

Tip: Some movie theaters allow you to sponsor private showings of a movie. Taking your office staff or clients out to a private screening of a film can be a fun experience and an inexpensive way to connect with the people you value.

Use the Holidays to connect

There are thousands of ways you can spoil your clients or employees without busting your budget. Think long and hard about what they will truly enjoy and give them a gift they can remember for a lifetime.